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Money is important and everybody needs it to fund their lifestyle. Before retirement, money comes from income earned by working but when work stops money comes from pensions or savings.

If money is so important, why do so many people don’t have enough to do the things they want to do when they retire?

One of the reasons is they probably have not saved enough into a pension.

If you are serious about learning more about pensions, especially how you convert your pension pot into cash and income, you will find this site helpful.

If you think pensions are boring and are not interested in a financial secure retirement I am sorry but this site is not for you.

I have been advising clients and writing about retirement options for over 25 years and I have seen people travel through the four stages of retirement first hand. In my experience, those people who have taken advice, or planned for their future retirement have more financial security and peace of mind than those who did not plan ahead.

DB Transfers

If you are considering transferring your company defined benefit (DB) also known as a final salary pension or ‘gold plated pension’ to a more flexible personal pension you will be making one of the most difficult decisions in personal finance and you owe it yourself and your family to get expert advice.

Better Retirement Group (BRG) has a team of pension transfer experts who can advise you on this very important decision. BRG advise not only on the appropriateness of a final salary transfer pension but also on arranging a new personal pension where your pension will be invested.


During your working life you will probably have amassed a number of different pensions in addition to your state pension. These pensions will be either Defined Benefit pensions or money purchase pensions and these are explained in this section.


Lifetime allowance

The Lifetime Allowance is a limit on the amount of pension benefit (cash lump sum or income) that can be taken from a pension plan without triggering an extra tax charge.

Annual allowance and Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA)

This section also explains how much money you contribute to a pension each year.

The retirement Journey

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If you want to make the most of pension freedoms you should start planning ahead and make sure your financial affairs are in good shape in the years running up to retirement.

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