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I am often quoted in the national press and sometimes appear on the radio or TV.

Should you give up pension perks for an 80% bonus? Why Royal London is offering retirees a sweetener if they forgo generous yearly income.

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New rules from the Financial Conduct Authority from the start of March will pension providers to tell people about the best open market annuity rates. This is the result of a long-running investigation that found hundreds of thousands of people have been mis-sold annuities

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After years of decline a 'good Brexit' could boost pensioners' income, says industry expert Incomes from annuities have been in the doldrums for the last 10 years and are still at historically low levels, writes pensions expert Billy Burrows of financial adviser Better Retirement. However, there are signs that rates could finally start to increase in 2018 and their popularity ...

Read the artice i wrote for the This is Money website Will it REALLY improve my retirement if I increase my pension contributions by 1% - or should I just enjoy the money now? William Burrows, retirement director at specialist adviser Better Retirement Group, replies: The quick answer to this question is ‘yes’. If you increase your pension contributions by just 1 per cent, f ...

Depending on how the market views the likelihood of further base rate rises, annuity rates may continue to creep up.

According to Willliam Burrows, of Better Retirement, a 1% rise in gilt yields translates into an 8% rise in annuity rates.

But we are still a long way from the heady days of the 1990s, when a £100,000 pension pot would have bought an annual income of around £15,000 a year.


This is an article called "Your pension and rising rates: how to capture the highest possible income for life", written by Sam Brodbeck in the Sunday Telegraph on 29th October

I am quoted as saying " delaying could increase your income in other ways. Older people are more likely to develop medical conditions that could qualify them for an enhanced (or “impaired-life”) annuity."

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This is an article I wrote for FT Adviser on the workings of drawdown.

Income drawdown has become a highly complex area of advice and there are lots of things to consider when choosing how best to manage the available options.

While almost everybody understands what drawdown is, and advisers are more than confident in explaining the advantages and disadvantages, not all advisers and certainly not many non-advised customers understand what is actually happening under the bonnet.

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This is an article in the Telegraph by Richard Dyson on 30th September

Despite their meagre payouts, annuity policies are slowly regaining popularity more than two years after a major rule change caused their sales to plummet.

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