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Annuity Charts

My unique annuity charts are the most popular pages on my website and regular appear in the national papers and on sometimes on the BBC website.

There are three charts to choose from. I recommend the benchmark annuity for those looking at an annuity for themselves and the chart since 1990 for those who want historical data going back as far as possible.

I do have a database of historic annuity rates so please contact me if you want to access to this data.

Annuity best buy tables

The popular 'Best Buy Annuity Tables' which show the best annuities for people in good health.

The tables cover the most popular options but please contact me if you want other options including enhanced annuity rates.


Annuity Quick Quote

My annuity quick quote calculator gives an approximation of the best annuity for someone in good health.

If you want an accurate quotation for an enhanced annuity please contact me.

Better Retirement Report

Better Retirement provides a personalised report that compares all the main retirement income options including: cash sums, annuities and drawdown

Individual clients only. Advisers, please see link below forAMS Retirement

Calculators from AMS

This is a link to free-to-use retirement adviser tools from AMS Retirement.

There is an online real time retirement income report which compares cash sums, annuities and drawdown in an easy to understand report.

Advisers only


Historical annuity rates for the main annuity providers going back to 2003. 

This is a premium service so you will need a subscription or special access.

Drawdown calculator

Get a drawdown illustration

Get your free guide

Visit the online library to see all my guides

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